Raising kids to be everything they were made to be.

Wonder Kids is governed by some deeply rooted beliefs.  We believe that Jesus has given children access to the manifest Presence of God.  We believe that there is no Jr. Holy Spirit.  The same God who moves in adults, moves in children.  Our mission is the cultivate an atmosphere were kids can encounter the Presence of God and be raised to be everything they were made to be.


Kindergarten - 12 Years

In Wonder Kids for Kindergarten through 12 years old, Kids will encounter the Presence of God.  Kids will recieve training in Spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, service, and worship.  Kids will learn about the Gifts of the Spirit and learn how to be used by God to do great things.

Pre-k copy

Pre-K (Ages 2-4)

In Wonder Kids for Pre-K, kids will have fun encountering the Presence of God.  Every week will be pack with fun games and activities, a Bible lesson, and worship!


Nursery (Ages 0-2)

In the Nursery, every child will be held, prayed over, and changed.  In these tender years, we take delight in teaching these little ones to enjoy the Presence of God and receive the care of a child of God.